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UKC GrNtCh. PKC PCh. AKC NtCh. 2 X World Champ!!! Wipeout Speck

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Congratulations to Brian and Speck at the winter Clasic winning Gr.Nt.Ch. Fri. night

        Performance Sire
        Super Stakes Sire
      Breeders Stakes Sire


2 X World Champion UKC Gr.Nt.Ch.AKC Nt.Ch.PKC Platinum Champion!!!!!

Anyone who has ever competition hunted has dreamed of winning a major event. Speck has won two World Championships! and placed in a third,in three different states, and three sets of rules with three different handlers, speck won by doing one thing: treeing more coon than his competition. Its that simple.
   Speck is a LOUD, HARD, STYLISH Treedog! Pressure means nothing to him. A strong dog, he will outlast most dogs when the chips are down. A good huntin' dog does not need a track to show you a coon. Speck is a well balanced hound who has and will continue to win big!
   Specks offspring can do the same. I have seen and heard a lot of good out of his pups. Get in on the ground level of the new speck pup reward program. Top UKC performance point winner will recieve $500 from me and a new K-light from Mike Kelly. Top PKC open event winner will recieve $500 from me and a K light from Mike Kelly as well. One pup can win both. Performance, Super Stakes, Futurity, Breeders Stakes, Sire of the year, and breeder of the year, any money that I recieve from these programs I will give back 50% of my winnings to the deserving pup's owner. January 1st,2008 to December 31st,2008. I will do it again in 2009.
   Speck pups are hard to keep here. I should have pups and started dogs from time to time. Call for availability.

Team Cascade